Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Born Again To Love You..." The Best Love Story In The Cyber Space

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  • The Best Love Story 2013

The story of Ameesh & Ashika. Born for each other. A lovely couple. Due to the sudden death of Ameesh, Ashika goes to Coma.

They had lots of dreams in their lifes but couldn't make them a reality.

The strong bond of love between Ameesh & Ashika makes them reborn in the same country but in different cities.

Will Ameesh finds Ashika?

Will they both recognize each other?

Why Ameesh had a sudden death in the previous birth?

You say that a girl always comes in your dreams and asking about a silver box? and calling you to come near her?.............."

 “Can’t we publish an advertisement saying wanted and describing her features?................"

“She is so close Shaaz. I feel it.............”

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